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How To Find Content Ideas For Your Blog


As blogging is becoming more mainstream, it begs the question: How can a small business owner keep coming up with interesting content. Read on and find out how to Dig Deep for your blog.

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How To Make Your About Page Mean Something

Your About Page

Getting your About Page right is not just a case of rattling off a list of your achievements, or detailing the life history of your company.
It’s about connecting with your target audience. Your About Page is a critical area of your website where you can and should do this.

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Video Marketing Your Small Business

These days, getting your own, decent looking video content online and on your website is not a big deal. However, a lot of business owners are a little hesitant to get themselves in front of the camera to represent their own brand.

This video is just a gentle reminder/push for those folk who are still on the digital fence over this.

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How To Use Ideas from Direct Mail

Before your next batch of leaflets and flyers gets tossed into the recycling bin, take a note of the things that catch your eye and hold your attention. If any of the circulars that you receive makes you stop and read, then the team that put it together has done its job in getting through to you.

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Do You Trust Facebook?

Social Media Icons

Social Media is a staple part of any marketers vocabulary, but what about it’s actual use within the business place. Are senior executives from traditional company set ups still fearful about this communication channel?

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How To Use Images On Your Blog

Google Search using images

Using images in your website copy is a proven way to up the interest in your content. But did you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to add images to your site?

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